Our Aims


1. To provide students with a happy, secure and well ordered and supportive environment in which to foster their academic, physical, social and spiritual development

2. To develop in our students learning and communication skills that can lead them to academic excellence thereby creating adults for whom education is a lifelong process

3. To help students become better citizens by providing them with resources and opportunities which enable them to obtain the necessary qualifications, to prepare them to find their place in society

4. To value students as individuals and members of the school community so as to help them develop their self-esteem, positive personal qualities, sensitivity to the needs of others and the ability to achieve sound personal relationships

5. To promote on-going formation for teachers, staff and parents

6. To develop in our school a sense of belonging to a community in order to prepare our students to find their place in the wider community of the world outside the school

7. To enhance parental participation in the life of the school and promote parental involvment in the education of their children

8. To nurture in our students a sense of values based on the principals of justice and fairness where everyone is fully aware of one’s rights and duties and accepts one’s responsibilties

9. To promote inclusive education