Our History


It was the year 1932 when Bishop Mauro Caruana expressed his desire to start a foundation at Sliema.  This was intended to be a place for girls where they could have some decent recreation on  weekends. Miss Maria Asphar made contacts with our Mother General, Mother Nazzarena Gouder.

This proposal was gladly accepted by the Congregation. Two sisters were then sent to Sicily on two months training to be able to conduct professionally this foundation. In the meantime the congregation started looking for the right premises suitable for this mission.

After some time exactly on the 20th July 1934, the sisters succeeded in renting a house in St Dominic Street, Sliema.  The Good Lady Maria Asphar kindly donated the generous sum of Lm 250 together with another donation made by the Commendatore Alphonse Maria Galea.  Both the good Lady and Comm A. M. Galea wished the new enterprise huge success.

Thus the first community was established.

To be able to maintain this first small community of sisters, the congregation decided to found a school. The nuns held classes in the mornings while jn the afternoon, a few sisters taught embroidery to the girls. Others conducted Catechism classes at the Sacro Cuor parish.  Every Sunday morning the girls attended the Oratorio Festivo ( something like a Sunday club) .

In a very short time the school children grew so much that the sisters had to look for a bigger place.  In August 1935 they found a place in 63 , Prince of Wales Str , Sliema.  The number of students kept on increasing. The sisters then acquired the house next door. Even this could not house all those who wished to attend.

It was once more the generosity of Miss Asphar and her brother-in- law  Comm A.M. Galea , who found premises at 12, St James Str. It took two years for the building to be fabricated and enlarged to be able to accommodate the large number of children who wished to join the St. Elizabeth School.  Finally the building was completed.  Inauguration and blessing were held on the 18th& 19th November by His Excellency Mons. Mauro Caruana, himself a great benefactor of this new foundation.

During the second World War, on the 30th April 1940, a huge bomb fell in the school yard destroying all the erected building.  However in 1944 with the help of the new Bishop, Mons. M. Gonzi, the sisters restored the building, and resumed their apostolic work once more.

Having erected a much bigger building they could then use it to prepare the parish children for the reception of the Sacraments as well as to conduct retreats and other social functions.  For some time, the sisters also provided accommodation for the Gozitan  girls who used to teach or study at the University of Malta.  This later on was used as a boarding school mainly for foreign students.

The Primary school which housed about 400 children functioned until 1998 when the Congregation decided it was time to have its first Secondary school. For this reason the Primary school    had to be phased out so that the Secondary section could start functioning.  The complete phasing out took place in 2003.

Presently, the secondary school has a population of 400 students. The first group of students set for MATSEC in 2003.  The school was finding restriction.  In 1990 the school had to be modernized.  In 1997, the Congregation  bought two adjacent houses in Manwel Dimech Street.  Eight new classes were erected as well  as a Science Laboratory , Computer Laboratory, Biology Lab, Maths Lab, a huge staffroom which later on had to be enlarged once more to accommodate the bigger number of staff members.  P.SD. room a bigger library and a hall with a seating capacity of 250 people were added The school Chapel also serves the spiritual needs of our staff and girls.

In 2003, the school saw that the school needed a gym. This was constructed underneath the school yard. This was a great asset for the school.  This gym is also being used as multipurpose Hall.  The school  uses the hall as a chapel for religious activities for the whole school. Other activities also use the gym.

Later on, 3 more big classrooms were built to accommodate Form 5.  This was done on the existing Hall.

With the introduction of new subjects, called for by the NCF, in the year 2010, the Province saw that more rooms were needed.  For this purpose, 2 houses and a shop in Manuel Dimech Street were bought. Building started in June 2011. This is called NEW WING MOTHER MARGHERITA The whole block contains of 5 big classrooms, large Art Room, Councillor’s Office, Maids Quarters, Mini Hall, 4 small spaces for LSA time out. This building has started functioning in February 2013. Later on the management is considering using the other rooms offering two new options . 


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