School Library

Library rules:

– No eating or drinking is allowed.

– Satchels /bags are not allowed.

– Students should be quiet so as not to disturb others.

– Only 2 books are allowed per student.

– Books borrowed should be returned and/or renewed on time.

– Books borrowed should be well-cared for.

– If a book is lost, it needs to be replaced. Please contact Library Staff for further information.


Mission statement:

The library will strive to make each reader’s experience a unique one!


Library opening times:

Monday during break for Form 4 students.

Wednesday during break for Form 3 students.

Forms 1-2 have their library session as part of their time-table.

The librarians (Ms A. Borg, Ms D. Bugeja and Ms M. Micallef) may be contacted on:


Please follow link on School Library